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The Roosevelts to be Featured on Hit TV Series NASHVILLE - Again

My personal management clients, The Roosevelts, will be prominently featured on the hit TV series, NASHVILLE – again.

While avoiding any spoilers for fans of the show, I can say that The Roosevelts will be featured in connection with the series lead character, Rayna Jaymes, in a featured spot. This marks the second time in one year the TV series’ brass tapped the band’s well of talent, and we are all quite proud that both ABC Television and CMT (the new home for the series) have taken serious notice of The Roosevelts’ unique musical voice.

You can see The Roosevelts on the season premiere of  NASHVILLE  on January 5th, 2017, on CMT.

You can see The Roosevelts on the season premiere of NASHVILLE on January 5th, 2017, on CMT.

Recognition and demand of The Roosevelts’ sound across the US was significantly boosted during 2016 with placements in two pop culture broadcast juggernauts. Featured on the band’s first full-length album, The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn, tracks “This Is Life” (featured on ABC TV’s hit series NASHVILLE) and “Ashes” (recently featured on Netflix hit series The Ranch) are among the most popular singles found via the Shazam music locator mobile app, and streaming services such as Pandora.

Indie-Rock Act The Roosevelts at Austin City Limits Festival

Touring in support of their recent full-length album drop, The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn, Ken Lingad's personal management clients, The Roosevelts, performed an incendiary set on stage of the prestigious Austin City Limits Festival last weekend!

A “live” band if there ever was one, this year found The Roosevelts completing a run of at-capacity tour dates and one-nighters with Robert Earl Keen, Green River Ordinance, and Grace Potter; a featured spot at the BMI Songwriters Festival in Key West; and hard-earned feature spots at world-famous, tastemaker festivals Austin City Limits Festival, and South by Southwest (SXSW).

The Roosevelts’ show experience always provides a rousing, dance-worthy compilation of songs, but also features poignant tunes that scale the depth of their personality and communicate their story with remarkable power. Having a charismatic ability to connect with fans, and a delightful set of songs, concert-goers can’t help but smile – making The Roosevelts a band that music fans of any genre can’t afford to miss.


Currently touring in support of their first full-length release, The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn, The Roosevelts have surpassed the popular cult-following status they achieved with their freshman effort, earning a distinctive spot on the stage of the Austin City Limits Festival 2016 along with heavyweight acts such as Radiohead, Mumford & Sons, Kendrick Lamar, Cage The Elephant, Young The Giant, Band of Horses, and Willie Nelson.

Released earlier this year and already featured in Hollywood’s top TV shows, such as NASHVILLE and Netflix’s The RanchThe Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn peaked at #5 on the iTunes charts.

See The Roosevelts Latest Video Single

See the latest video single release, Belly of the Beast, by my personal management clients, The Roosevelts! Make sure to turn this up LOUD!

Don Henley Talks New Album Release, Cites The Dillards As Major Influence

Music luminary, Don Henley, has been fielding tons of print, radio, and television interviews to promote his latest release, Cass County, and I am honored and proud to report he's also one hell of a super fan of the super group I manage and produce: The Dillards.

While noting his intention to explore his musical roots and inspiration with the new album's works - which also features many other artists who were directly influenced by The Dillards: Vince Gill, Alison Krauss, Dixie Chicks, et al - Henley continues to highly regard Rodney Dillard and The Dillards, citing the legendary bluegrass group as a major influence in his musical direction, and also that of his mothership band, The Eagles.

...the Dillards did it first. That first album — the Dillards’ album called Wheatstraw Suite, which came out in 1968 — was as a very influential album in my life … as was Jesse Winchester’s first album. I was a big fan of the Dillards. In fact, I drove through a snowstorm to hear them play in Fort Worth back in 1968. … I just thought it was the most interesting song and they were an interesting band.

Read the latest interview with CMT here.

Making American Music History...Again

Really excited to be a part of the production team behind the long-awaited album from legendary bluegrass super group The Dillards! It is truly a passion-driven project, and I'm honored to work with Rodney Dillard - the man Rolling Stone magazine hails as "The Father of Modern Bluegrass and Rock Music".

It started from a statement I made to Rodney, saying "I want to take a reinvigorated Dillards brand to the doorstep of every man, woman, and child on the earth in the way they individually receive information: digital distribution to wireless devices and streaming services, in addition to the traditional brick and mortar outlets, satellite and terrestrial radio, and television broadcasts which have been the standard for years."

Step One, of course, was having content. 

After a few attempts to "jell" with a couple of Nashville producers of varying notoriety and skills, I encouraged Rodney to connect on our mutual behalf with an engineer who had expressed a desire to someday work with Rodney during a backstage conversation the two had when Rodney and The Dillards were being inducted into the International Bluegrass Association (IBMA) Hall of Fame a while back. 1680Entertainment hired the engineer, engaging him to also produce the album. 

And here I am - writing this first blog entry sitting in the studio, while guitar virtuoso Anthony Wray is delivering a smoking banjo solo...

Here are some excerpts from The Dillards' brand-spankin'-new EPK for your enjoyment:

The Dillards 2015

Rodney Dillard – music history legend, recording artist, and speaking talent – is overwhelmingly credited as the “father of modern bluegrass.” Most recognized for his contributions to the world music stage with the band he founded with his brother Douglas – The Dillards – Rodney Dillard remains a significant figure in the fabric of the American Music tapestry.

Noted as being the first bluegrass ensemble to introduce electric instruments in the mid-1960s, they are considered to be one of the pioneers of the burgeoning Southern California Folk Rock, Country Rock and Progressive Bluegrass genres, and are credited with directly influencing artists such as The Eagles, The Byrds, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Elton John, and scores of other well-known acts of the last fifty years. In 1972, Elton John cited The Dillards as his “musical inspiration,” actually requesting the band’s addition to the bill during John’s first U.S. tour.

Rodney Dillard and The Dillards band cemented their place in American popular culture performing musically as members of the fictional “Darling” family on multiple seasons of The Andy Griffith Show, introducing bluegrass music to the vast majority of Americans and audiences around the world who had never heard it.

Today, Rodney Dillard and his wife, noted clawhammer-style banjo artist Beverly Cotten-Dillard, continue to blaze new paths on the world music scene with his unique brand of “DILLARDGRASS,” having recently reunited with fellow Dillards band alum and noted multi-instrumentalist, Jeff Gilkinson. Other Dillards personnel include: noted bluegrass guitar and banjo authority, Tony Wray; double bassist Gary J. Smith; champion fiddle player and mandolin ace, George Giddens; with Ken Lingad handling the rhythm duties, playing drum set, electronic drum loops, and hand/foot percussion.

With over twenty albums as a recording artist, multiple single cuts, two Grammy nominations, and the syndicated longevity of his stint on the Andy Griffith Show, Dillard is currently finishing the long-anticipated new album – a full-length tour de force Executive Produced by GRAMMY® Award-winning Artists Manager Ken Lingad for 1680Entertainment, and a handpicked musical posse of the hottest talents.

Look for The Dillards on their upcoming 2016 world tour in support of their forthcoming full-length album release, tentatively titled The Dillards - Old Road New Again.

Rodney Dillard, Beverly Cotten-Dillard, and The Dillards are professionally managed worldwide by Ken Lingad for 1680 Entertainment.


Overwhelmingly recognized as the “father of modern bluegrass,” Rodney Dillard is currently putting the finishing touches on the album his worldwide fans have demanded for decades. Tentatively and simply titled The Dillards, the new release will feature the signature sound that Rodney Dillard is known for crafting.

Executive Produced by GRAMMY® Award-winning Artists Manager Ken Lingad for 1680Entertainment, the album will feature 12 brand-new tracks cut by The Dillards and a handpicked musical posse of the hottest talents. The music is best described as a “genre-defying combination of the signature ‘Dillards Sound’ and fresh explorations in Americana.” Loyal fans of the legendary group will have their appetites thoroughly satisfied by several bluegrass “burners,” while new listeners will fall in love with The Dillards’ diverse sonic palette.

The rest, as they say, is history – actually, Rodney Dillard and The Dilllards have already made history. Now they’re doing it…again.


THE DILLARDS 2015 with their Manager/Executive Producer/Drummer, Ken Lingad - Photo: John Brown Photography - Nashville

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