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I have had the honor of working with, and advising, businesses and projects of all sizes and verticals across the United States and abroad. From startups and non-profits, to well-known personalities and blue chip companies, I've successfully re-tooled, re-imagined, and re-positioned individuals and organizations to best achieve their respective goals and agendas.

Whether offering insight into the many businesses and specialized projects I have played an active role in shaping, or reflecting on today's issues at the crossroads of social media communications and ethical journalism, I have been warmly received at annual meetings, conventions, educational clinics and masterclasses, community lecture programs, and international conferences, such as the American Marketing Association, Levo League, NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants - Winter Show), WIM (Women Innovate Mobile), Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce, and many more. 

Many of my speeches draw on a combination of my 20+ years of experience in the Entertainment and Fine Arts industries and my more recent entrepreneurial success as “Godfather” of the 1680 global brand. After a few hours or even a full day with me, here’s what some are saying:

Ken succeeded where others failed. I had been beating my head up against an issue for 2 years. In a few intense days, Ken was able to shift our perspectives completely and open up a world of possibilities! As the weeks pass since our session, the ways in which my team and I are newly empowered continue to unfold. No foo-foo stuff here. Ken’s engagement with my team delivered rock solid, concrete results. Branding, Identity, engagement models, complex organizational systems, media, digital, customer engagement,… the list goes on. I look forward to bringing him back for more!
— Allison Aldridge-Saur - Director of E-Marketing, Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce
“...there was no question as to who I would turn to for social and communications strategy. Ken conducted several master-class social media campaign strategy workshops and debrief sessions for Women Innovate Mobile and Levo League staff and interns. Eye-opening sessions on the nuances and enormous complexities of the social business world – growing up on Facebook and being social media savvy is not sufficient when the focus is brand growth or new product launch. Women Innovate Mobile directly benefited from Ken’s deep knowledge and expertise…”
— Kelly Hoey - A-list Speaking Talent and Business Strategist; Listed in "Forbes" Magazine's "Women Changing The World"


"Social Media Levels the Playing Field" - My most popular lecture centers on how social media is now the "great equalizer" for those entrepreneurs and organizations small and large, alike, from Mom-and-Pop boutiques and startups to established companies needing to reposition their identities. Knowing which tool to use for the job is the key, and I'll show you how to pack your tool belt.

"Music Row is Dead - and I'm Holding the Smoking Gun" - As the Music Row business model of old continues to limp along is in its final downward spiral, find out how it is "broken," and why music artists no longer need the major record label deals. Insightful and timely, I share many of my methods for driving the success of the Grammy® artists and emerging talents, alike, under my personal management.

"Positioning and Posturing in the Social Media Landscape: What's the Difference?" - Are you an authority or an impressionist? In the real-time world of digital communications, a rock-solid strategy takes more than "out of the box" thinking.

"The Laws of Attraction in the Social Media Age" - Is there really a "law of attraction" in the digital communications arena?

To retain me for a presentation, workshop, panel discussion, or strategic consultation, contact me via email.

Spectator video clips of 1680PR's CEO and Senior Communications Strategist, Ken Lingad, during his feature speaking appearance at ASCAP's Headquarters for WMBA (Women's Music Business Association). Lingad presented his overwhelmingly popular "Social Media Levels the Playing Field" lecture to a captivated audience of Music Row's industry professionals.

Ken Lingad of 1680PR out of New Mexico talks with Chris Yates at SXSW 2011 about the power and scale of social media today and where it's headed.

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