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How I Use Social Media


I put this page together as a guideline to specifically explain how I participate in the great social media communications arena. Because of the heavy flow of real-time traffic in the digital sphere, I've found (thanks to my friend and brilliant mastermind, Valeria Maltoni) that informing my constituents and people, like you, where/how I engage saves time for both of us, so PLEASE make use of it if you wish to engage me at any level.

As I focus on several projects and initiatives at any given time, I typically use social media to provide snapshots of my life - professional and sometimes personal - and my pursuits. Although I generally utilize the social media accounts of my 1680-branded divisions, those organizations, blue chip companies, and individuals who know me; rather, know the sound of my digital voice (in all of its sarcasm-and-profanity-laced, unapologetic glory), typically recognize my posts.

@1680PR is the company's flagship account where members of our C-level suite and core brain trust gather and opine. As it is a shared account, we use it as a primary avenue for broadcasting everything and anything of interest to us. I may infrequently engage in two-way conversations with personalities I don't know, but mostly interact with my friends, colleagues, and professional acquaintances here. Think of it as a party at our offices and you're the "plus one" who showed up with someone else - you can hang out as long as you're respectful to our other party guests, don't hover around the keg, and don't be a dick.

@1680ent is the new account centering on our expansion into the live and recorded music entertainment industries with the launch of our newest 1680-branded footprint: 1680Entertainment. This account is maintained by a combination of our Senior Staff and interns and shares content that is relevant to our experiences and daily life in the music biz. Although I didn't launch it, and have had little to do with the account to-date, look for me to be more active in this space as I am personally managing the careers and business pursuits of several established talents (GRAMMY-winning Artists, Hit Songwriters and Producers, Major Label Personalities, etc.). This space is intended for entertainment-related business and current events. isn't a rumor: I finally broke down and launched a personal twitter account: @KenLingad. After 6 years of being the leading face and unapologetic voice I've become known worldwide for, this new account serves as an additional platform for me to discuss other topics and pursuits outside of what I typically field on the 1680-branded accounts - I'm more likely to correspond in this space with those persons and organizations not relevant to the 1680 live-stream (it isn't personal; the main 1680 accounts are for the company's collective use). 


I do not personally use Instagram; however, many accounts feature content referencing me, or my professional pursuits. As with all 1680-branded social media accounts, Instagram is a look behind the curtain at our collective goings-on, with the same sharing and engagement philosophy as their sister twitter accounts. @1680PR and @1680ent are also shared accounts. Unless 1680 community members have a relationship with you, do not expect replies to Private Messages or automatic follow-backs.

I use Linkedin to share new ideas, explore business relationships and topics of interest, and keep up with many of my professional contacts. As I indicate on my profile, I DO NOT ACCEPT PITCHES HERE. Because of the high volume of connections requests I receive, I typically do not accept requests from people I do not have any relationship with, or at least have a mutual connection or interest that makes immediate sense to me. My relationship equity is my most cherished and guarded asset, so I will only provide recommendations on Linkedin for those with which I actually can speak as to having experience. If you feel we should be connected on this platform, email me.


I actually do use Snapchat on occasion, and am beginning to utilize this platform more as a means to provide a quick behind-the-scenes glimpse of what my associates, entertainment acts, or I may be doing. You're welcome to join the fun; however, please don't expect to engage me in conversation unless I know you.

I prefer using google plus instead of facebook (which I don't use at all). I sometimes use this space as a combination between my personal and professional interests/pursuits. The variety of content is wide, but you will always find it an authentic amplification of my voice. Expect an occasional F-bomb dropped and other shenanigans here. I am always up for connecting with just about any adult in this space as long as you are real and not an asshat.

I currently use 1680PR's Pinterest account. You'll find the boards I pin to rather easily, as they generally have to do with my fashion style, funny stuff (rather, things I find funny), guy stuff...and killer tiny houses.

You can sometimes hear a sampling of some of the music talents I manage and or professionally represent on the 1680-branded SoundCloud accounts when we drop an occasional reference track or project promotion. We don't utilize it often.

I don't post regularly on the 1680 tumblr blog, but if you are looking for a glimpse into the things we collectively find particularly funny, or of pop culture interest, it is all here. Be warned: some posts are NSFW.

I contribute posts to two primary blogs: 1680PR and 1680Entertainment. Although others contribute their own material, both sites list when I am, indeed, the author of a post. You will also find more frequent posts which specifically relate to my business experience in the entertainment industries of Feature Film, Television, Digital Media and Distribution, and Music on Linkedin.

I am certainly inclined, from time to time, to use Medium and other social media platforms. In doing so, I will tend to lend my voice to 1680's branded accounts and align with the content sharing philosophy I've already defined.

Thanks for taking the time to read these guidelines and respecting the integrity of my intention in putting it together.

See you online...

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